NetUtils partners with Zimperium

NetUtils introduces Mobile Threat Defence as a managed service to protect organisations from mobile attacks. 

You may have seen across the media that there has been a massive increase in attacks on mobile devices and applications with vendors like Apple rushing out multiple security updates to protect from zero day and now zero click compromises. We have all been lulled into a false sense of security that mobiles are immune to the sort of issues we have been seeing for years on our traditional endpoints but unfortunately this not the case. As the line between mobile and traditional endpoints continues to blur a security mindset will need to be in place and ready to provide visibility and secure access to our now modern endpoint devices.

“Modern Computing Devices are the biggest threat to data protection with 60% of all corporate data being consumed by mobiles/tablets/Chromebooks!”

2022 Global Mobile Threat Report – zimperium

Most organisations are not monitoring what these devices are doing and how they are being impacted by threats which have been magnified since working from home became the new normal. If your employees are using corporate mobile devices for the workplace, or accessing corporate data from personal devices, then Mobile Threat Defence is a key security solution and compliments your Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions.

Zimperium’s z9 is the only on-device, machine learning-based security engine that has stopped every known and zero-day threat in the wild without an update / works in airplane mode.

“In 2012, we invented and patented Zimperium z9, the dynamically updatable machine learning framework that transformed Zimperium into the first mobile threat defence (MTD) vendor fully powered by on-device artificial intelligence.”

2022 Global Mobile Threat Report – zimperium

Zimperium’s z9 identifies:

  1. Fake Wi-Fi
  2. Man in the middle attacks
  3. Leaky Apps – iOS and Android
  4. Malware – phishing big problem (and main cause of Ransomware)

We’ve partnered with Zimperium to bring mobile threat defence to our customers

As a key mobile security solution, it has been incorporated into the NetUtils suite of cyber security managed services and incorporates the following key features:

  • On-device protection against known and unknown device network, phishing, and malicious app attacks
  • Operates on Android, iOS, and Chromebooks
  • Can be managed on any cloud or truly on prem
  • Works with multiple Unified Endpoint Management Solutions in a single tenant
  • Protects privacy without sending any PII/confidential data off the device
  • Protects mobile apps from “the development of and then running on mobile endpoints” in the wild
  • And can protect your device whilst the critical updates are being developed by the OS vendor

Zimperium 2022 Global Mobile Threat Report 

As the worldwide leader in mobile threat defence (MTD), Zimperium protects millions of mobile devices and apps. As a result, we have unmatched forensic data about mobile device, network, phishing, and app risks and attacks. After analysing the full breadth of our 2021 anonymized data and surveying security executives, we’ve gleaned unique insights on the state of mobile security in this Global Mobile Threat Report.

What’s Inside?

  • Executive Perspectives 
  • The Mobile Attack Surface 
  • Mobile Threat Trends 
  • Insight from the Broader Security Ecosystem
  • Summary
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