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Discover and discuss topics ranging from security and architecture to the vision for the new network.  Here our technical experts and partners will share news and views on everything from optimisation and acceleration, regulatory compliance and IT service management (ITIL). We’ve grouped the blog posts which we think will be of specific interest to the enterprise here. We hope you find them useful, please share, rate and comment on any that catch your eye.

Webinar Recording: Your BYOD Part 2: Performance & Scalability
Part 2 of our webinar series covering the Juniper Networks Simply Connected Story.

Webinar Recording: Your BYOD Policy Part 1: Provisioning & Security
Part 1 of our webinar series covering the Juniper Networks Simply Connected story.

Video Blog: SMS PASSCODE® Version 6.1 raises the bar with location and behaviour aware login security
In this video blog our Senior Technical Consultant, Malcolm Orekoya, takes us through the new features of SMS PASSCODE® version 6.1 . Location and behaviour aware login security protects your remote access systems and users against un-authorised access.

Video Blog: Proactive Solutions to Common Bandwidth Issues
Are unexpected bandwidth spikes causing issues on your network? In this Video Blog we discuss a common network issue you may have experienced during the Olympic Games.

Are Unexpected Bandwidth Spikes Causing Issues on Your Network?
Our Network & Security Specialist, Dean Goldhill discusses a solution to a common network issue you may have experienced following an unexpected bandwidth spike.

Video Blog: A Deeper Dive into Exinda’s UPM for the Enterprise.
In this video blog we are joined by an expert from our service provider team who illustrates how Exinda can enable an even more agile network for the enterprise.

Your BYOD Strategy – Where is the trust? – Juniper has the NAC
Our Technical Director Toby Makepeace shares his views on what makes a good network access control policy. More and more enterprises faced with pressure from guests to supply secure network access are deploying network access control (NAC) solutions.

Do your virtualised data centre or cloud deployments take the gold (medal) on security & compliance?
Our Senior Technical Consultant, Malcolm Orekoya discusses the trends in virtualisation and introduces Juniper Virtual Gateway (vGW) which allows data centres and cloud providers to take back control of their virtual infrastructure, security & compliance.

Prioritising your bandwidth & applications: Getting the business critical balance right
Another informative blog post from our Technical Director Toby Makepeace. With more & more users trying to access rich content on your network how do you make sure that your business critical applications take priority when you need them to?

Webinar: BYOD & Mobile Threats is Your Network Simply Connected?
In this 30 min webinar we outline Juniper’s Simply Connected Portfolio of integrated wired, wireless & security products

Your BYOD strategy – perfecting guest access – if your name’s not down you’re not getting in!
Our Technical Director, Toby Makepeace offers his suggestions on perfecting guest access.

Top Ten Tips to help you plan your BYOD Strategy
A quick blog post, we hope you find it useful.

Video Blog – BYOD & Mobile Threats – Is Your Network Simply Connected?
Here we discuss Juniper’s Simply Connected portfolio of products. Juniper’s Simply Connected solution makes it easy for users to bring–their-own-devices and swop between devices as well as securely access business applications.

Developing a BYOD Strategy – where do you start?
Our Technical Director, Toby Makepeace offers his suggestions on where to start with your BYOD strategy.

Video Blog – Modern Threats, Modern Solutions – New Generation 2 Factor Authentication
Our Network & Security Specialist, Malcolm Orekoya discussing SMS Passcode. SMS Passcode offers a low cost solution to traditional tokens with maximum scalability, reliability, fast set up and installation.

Video Blog – Using Unified Performance Management (UPM) to get the most from your network bandwidth – Our Network & Security Specialist, Malcolm Orekoya discusses how WAN optimisation, application delivery optimisation, and unified performance management can improve application performance.

“The ICO has got teeth, and they are sharp”: says Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham. – Our top ten tips for keeping sensitive consumer and patient data safe and secure.

Computer Scientists Break Security hardware Token Key in Record Time – Computer experts claim to have found an easy way to hack into a certain RSA token that has a USB port and compromise the seed-file.

How does the IT manager, faced with CoIT and BYOD issues create a secure service organisation? Consumerisation of IT (CoIT) has many implications affecting the business and the way that the business uses technology, but the most important implication is the change of role for the IT manager and the new skills they will need to develop and incorporate.

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