Network Utilities and EfficientIP partner to help customers become GDPR compliant

In July 2016 Network Utilities and EfficientIP announced their partnership agreement to provide UK based customers with EfficientIP DDI solutions and draw on Network Utilities’ recognised expertise in the market and expand EfficientIP’s existing partner network in the UK region. Both company’s solutions will help organisations in a variety of public and private industries – particularly telecom – to protect their critical applications from growing threats, as well as integrate advanced network infrastructure.

With new legislation coming into effect in May 2018, this is a critical time for all organisations to focus on the strength, resiliency, and intelligence of their networks to avoid data breaches and ensure GDPR compliance. Now is the time to start building a GDPR-compliant infrastructure and providing sufficient security at the DNS level can save companies huge amounts of money and help avoid unnecessary GDPR proceedings.

David Silsby, Network Utilities Sales Director, believes this continued partnership will be beneficial to prospects and customers: “This new GDPR legislation puts the responsibility on companies to make sure their networks are as secure as possible, which will mean much more than just protecting the companies data it means protecting the whole infrastructure. No one can afford to ignore GDPR and working together with EfficientIP, Network Utilities will be able to offer customers a more enhanced security offering.”

David Williamson, EfficientIP CEO, is also looking forward to a continued partnership: “The addition of Network Utilities to our partner group is key to bringing new adaptive security solutions to their customers. The past two years have seen a dramatic increase in cyber security attacks, and DNS has been confirmed as being a weak point of the network infrastructure. We have the solution for this in our 360° DNS Security, and Network Utilities has the expertise to apply it as part of their offering.”

Network Utilities will be hosting a webinar with Martin Wellsted from EfficientIP on the 3rd May.  Register here and find out more about DNS exfiltration and how to prevent the unauthorised transfer of data from your organization.

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DNS based DDoS Attacks- What’s in a Name?

You may already know that we have recently partnered with Infoblox.This partnership provides us with an excellent array of network control and security solutions.

InfoBloxControYourNetworkA big focus for Infoblox is their secure DNS solution. DNS attacks are at an all-time high and traditional DNS servers do not offer the protection you need. Recent press has shown a marked increase in DDoS attacks on ISPs around the world. Our ISP customers may be interested in this blog post from Renuka Nadkarni at Infoblox.

Here Renuka explains how ISPs are especially sensitive to DDoS attacks – disruptive to the business and time consuming to mitigate. Her blog goes on to explain the six new attack types and how each one works, covering: Basic NXDomain Attack, Random Sub-domain attacks on Legitimate Domains, Phantom Domain Attacks, Lock-Up Domain Attacks, CPE-driven DDoS attacks in the ISP network and DDoS attacks using Malware-infected CPE devices.

Infoblox are working with ISPs and enterprises to help them protect their DNS infrastructure. Read the full blog post on the Infoblox website here.

Have you been breached? How secure are your assets?
Test-drive Infoblox DNS Firewall free for 60 days to see if you have malware and APT’s lurking in your network. Visit the website here for more and to sign up.