WAN Orchestration Boot Camp with Exinda

Take a look behind the scenes at The Cabinet War Rooms in London where we ran a free technical boot camp with Exinda for network and IT Managers. The event gave attendees 1-2-1 access to Netutils and Exinda technical experts, helping them learn essential tips to keep their networks running and apps performing well. All attendees qualified for a free network health check. Please visit netutils.com for details of our next technical boot camp.

Your Top 3 Questions Answered on WAN Optimisation

[vimeo vimeo.com/http://vimeo.com/70114373]

We recently ran a workshop on WAN Optimisation solution Exinda.  In this video blog we share the top 3 questions attendees asked us on Optimisation / Acceleration:
1. How does Exinda deliver optimistaion?
2. Does Exinda support mobile client for optimisation?
3. How does the Exinda Licensing work?