Security Posture-as-a-Service 

O365 and Antivirus can’t cover it all

When you are busy running a SME with 101+ things to manage, you could be forgiven for thinking all bases are covered with O365 native security features and an antivirus product.

But with cyber criminals innovating faster than entry-level security features can keep pace with, affordable managed security services protect your core infrastructure without taking up your time or resources to manage them.

Security Posture-as-a-Service Animation

Watch our short animation to see how Security Posture-as-a-Service allows you to enhance your security posture, while being free to run your business.

Need to improve your cyber security posture?

Whether you’re just starting out, or know you need to invest more in technology and resource, our handy calculator, featured on the MyRedFort community, offers a comparison between taking it in-house vs using a managed security service.

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