Has Your Network Been Breached? Know. When it Matters

Given recent high profile network breaches network visibility and security have never been more important. In networks of all sizes, internal and external attacks can easily go undetected.

Canary, a new solution available from Network Utilities lets you know when it matters.

Order, configure and deploy your Canaries throughout your network. Make one a Windows file server, another a router, throw in a few Linux web servers. Each one hosts realistic services and look and acts like its namesake.

Then you wait. Your Canaries run in the background, waiting for intruders.

View our recent webinar and find out more.

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About Vanessa Cardwell

I'm a marketing communications professional working within the technology industry for a great reseller called Network Utilities. Network Utilities (Systems) Ltd have been providing identity centric network and security solutions to organisations ranging from Telecoms and ISPs to large corporates and SMEs for over twenty years. Partnering closely with both industry leading and niche technology vendors to bring customers the best solutions the industry has to offer. I communicate every day with our customers & prospects to keep them up to date on the latest industry news and information on the products and solutions from our portfolio and I'm motivated by any new marketing techniques and methods we can use to do this. There's lots of great content posted regularly on our blog to help organisations like yours find the right IT security solution for you and your business. You can stay up to date by: • Following us on twitter @networkutils • Visiting our website www.netutils.com • Following our blog https://netutilsblog.com/

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